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American Ballroom Dance Club is a leader of dance instruction in the Charlotte NC area. Dancing lessons are made much more affordable using our system. Group classes and Practice sessions are free for our students. Dance Lessons in Charlotte NC average about $99.00 per unit of instruction. Corporate Franchise Studios will average $125.00 per unit while independents will average $85.00. All studios offer specials for you to try it ouṭ. We usually begin with a free sample lesson and move into a Beginner's Program. From time to time we offer various special , coupons etc. however we do not combine promotions so you can check for any current promotions or just ask us. If you want to know more about lessons after the Beginner's program you can get complete details from the Slideshow found below.

The Beginners Program

The beginners program consists of 5 lessons for $99.00 and is the most common program to begin with after the free sample lesson. It isn't designed to make a dancer out of you but it will give you a very nice introduction to the dances you're interested in and help you get your feet wet.


American Ballroom Dance Club offers additional services along with our regular dance classes. For more information, please read on below or contact us with your request.

Gift Certificates
Do you have a friend who would like to learn some dance moves? A American Ballroom Dance Club gift certificate is the perfect gift! Our gift certificates can be for anything, whether it's a single lesson or an entire season of classes. Contact us to get yours now.

Private Lessons
If you or your partner would like to learn a form of dance in private, high-intensity sessions, our dance instructors are available for private classes on demand. Please contact us for pricing and other details.

Closed Sessions
Private groups, companies and other organizations can arrange closed-session dance courses tailored to the needs of the group. Our instructors can teach these classes in-studio or at a location of your choosing. To learn more, please contact us.


Land Locked Dance Hosts

Dance companions for special events, practice, or just an evening of great dancing. The instructors at ABDC are qualified dance escorts (dance partners for hire) who love to dance and meet knew people. With a background in social, competitive and performance dancing our dance hosts can be your partner for the evening to impress your friends at a special event, to practice with to become a better dancer, or escort around town to various social dance gatherings.


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Where to Find the Studio

American Ballroom Dance Club

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Charlotte Ballroom Dance Academy

10916 E. Independence Blvd

Matthews, NC 28105

Phone: (704) 821- CLUB


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