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Make dancing last a lifetime

It is our experience that every couple has different needs, preferences and time schedules but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with enough time. Wouldn’t it be great to have the romance of dancing for the rest of your lives together! We can put something together that is uniquely yours.  

If a couple is planning to get married, here are a few tips on learning to dance for their big day:



Don’t wait until the last minute. Remember that the schedule will get very hectic as the wedding day approaches. Dance instructors recommend starting four to six months earlier to allow more time for practice, especially if our students are newcomers to dancing.

It’s OK if you haven’t chosen a song. On your very first lesson we will introduce you to the main dances most couples use. We can help make suggestions depending on which dance you like and do the best. If you already have a song chosen, bring it with you!

Be patient when learning. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and a fun date night, so don’t put too much pressure on each other.

Don’t try to teach your fiance’. You’ll both have a lot more fun dancing if you let your instructor do the teaching.

Practice in the right shoes. Wear shoes to your lessons that are similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on the big day.

Be consistent with your appointments. The more often you come in, the less review there will be on each lesson. Plan at least once a week to get the most from your lessons.

Use the classes & practices when possible. Everyone feels most comfortable on a private lesson, but the classes and parties will be closer to what the rest of your reception will be like, and the teachers will be there to help!

Learning to dance for a wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other. A couple who feels confident and poised when they dance together will ensure that their very first dance together as wife and husband will be a memory they will cherish forever.

Consultation for the First Dance

These days you can go to a wedding and get the:

  • Same food
  • Same Ceremony
  • Same Reception

Couples that decide to take lessons for their first dance and reception immediately make their wedding unique.  Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate your lessons into your wedding.

First Dance:

  • Waltz – If you are having a black tie, knight in shining armor-type wedding.  This is the dance for you.  Classic and the most elegant of all the dances.
  • Foxtrot – Great choices in music here.  Want to capture the moment with “Sinatra” or “Buble”, this simple and effective dance will move you around the floor with ease.
  • Tango – Why not spice things up?  After all, everyone is only expecting a “high school bear hug”. Put some excitement in your marriage from the moment you hit the dance floor.
  • Rumba – Dance to the slow latin rhythms of the Rumba and you won’t even notice that there are still people in the room watching you (with their jaws dropping).
  • Swing/Cha-Cha/Salsa – Keep people guessing!  Give them something fast and exciting when they’re expecting something slow and drawn out.

A Step Further

  • Can you say – “Second Dance”?
  • Wedding Party group performance – Get them involved and you may have the next YouTube hit on your hands.
  • Parents of the new couple – If they’re paying for the wedding, don’t they deserve some dance preparation love?  Taking some time to learn some basics in a few dances will get them involved in the reception instead of calculating the bill.
  • Mashup Routine – Want to really knock their socks off?  Start your wedding dance with a slow, boring dance… and then flip it into a different gear with your take on “Thriller” or the latest song by Usher.  If you can think it, we can do it.


Most importantly, planning a wedding can be a stressful activity.  When couples take time out to learn to dance before their wedding it becomes a stress relieving activity.  Could you say that about picking invitations or working on a seating arrangement?

So whether you want to survive or thrive on the dance floor, we’ve got a program that will suit your needs.

The Wedding Program – Something unique for your wedding and your marriage!

  • If you’d like to set up a free consultation lesson with one of our wedding specialists please fill out the quick form on contact us page:

The Wedding Program

7 (40) minute private lessons for $545.00.               ABDC recommends "The Wedding Program" for all Wedding couples to be sure they can complete all the necessary tasks to make the 1st dance a memorable one. All couples are different in EXPERIENC, APTITUDE & MOTIVATION. Time is also a factor. Waiting till the last moment is a huge challenge because that's when the couple becomes the busiest. Since we can not know those 3 characteristics over the phone the Social Media Coupon Special should be treated only as an extended consultation process where a plan can be made to accomplish all goals. Once the plan is set then you can expect real results but until "The Wedding Program" is completed expectations should remain reasonable. Many Brides do have the unrealistic idea that a 39.00 special can teach them the most important dance they will ever do. If you properly prepare with plenty of time ahead you won't be disappointed. We can take responsibility only if the wedding program is completed one month prior to the wedding date.

American Ballroom Dance Club is a leader of dance instruction in the Charlotte NC area. 

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